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CMKapica creates art for living and work spaces that bring pleasure, inspiration and renewal. CMKapica is a self-taught multi-media artist who extracts intended and unintended characteristics from a medium to create hybrid textures, colors, forms and space that involve and intrigue the viewer.

She specializes in abstract art. Through art, CMK questions societal tendencies to discard the old as irrelevant and useless, as well as explore the emotional side of the psyche. She specializes in SuGEEâ„¢, an art form that promotes sustainability, repurposing objects into something extraordinary.

CMK works with acrylics and encaustics, as well as fibers, textiles, gemstones, paper and other found objects. She has had her work shown in juried venues and in published national anthologies.

To purchase art or for commissions, contact CMKapica@gmail.