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Gene Goss

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 Gene is a long time Barrington resident who enjoys spending his free time pursuing his passion for landscape photography. He became very interested in photographing landscapes over 10 years ago when he did a photography workshop taught by Bill Lea in the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. He since then has continued to hone his craft working with master photographers like Donald McGowan, Eric Stensland, and Jeff Miller. Gene’s favorite shooting spots are the Great Smoky Mountain National Park in Tennessee and North Carolina, and the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.

Gene says he became a student of light over 10 years ago, realizing that light determines where you shoot, when you shoot, and what you shoot. He likes to pre-visualize compositions using side light which paints the most detail on the landscapes.

“I enjoy working with filters, low light, and long exposures.  I hope my love of the rivers and mountains shows through in my photography.” ~ Gene