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Jenny Vogt

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Jenny Vogt has been creating art since childhood. She recalls sitting backwards on the basement steps painting and drawing. That was her first art studio. Currently, Jen works out of her studio in Bartlett, IL primarily in soft pastels. Sometimes she mixes-it-up with a watercolor under painting.

Growing up, Jen’s family enjoyed camping and hiking. So logically, she is inspired by nature… especially birds. The pastel paintings displayed here are inspired by her experiences and chance observations of birds. Some paintings have been brewing for years; others were inspired by looking out the window into her garden.

Jenny Vogt graduated from Columbus College of Art & Design and enjoyed an award-winning career as an art director and graphic designer. Now Jen mingles all of her interests into her daily life: She is an avid birdwatchers, teaches “fun art” workshops to adults, mentors young artists, leads bird walks, and volunteers for bird conservation.

Visit Jenny’s website to see more of her artworks.