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Linda Berk


 Since childhood painting has been a part of my life, in some form.

Painting is my own private world of joy where I can explore with

color, texture, styles, and it becomes a fulfillment for my soul.

The joy of expression started several years ago with an art studio

in Chicago, IL, where I found my voice(so to speak) in charcoal and

pastels, applying them to sandpaper and bringing a brilliance to my

For the past several years I’ve been taking art classes with Frankie

Johnson, Main St. Art Center, Lake Zurich, IL, where I found my passion

for painting in oils, and have expressed myself in figures, portraits,

and landscapes, still-lives, and floral art pieces.

In addition to attending workshops to obtain knowledge and style to

excite my creative application to the empty canvas.

I invite you to visit my paintings: www.lindaberkartist.com


Asian Butterflies




Snowy Day 100_1997