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Classes, Workshops, and Demonstration

Juan  Jr. Ramirez

Lecture:  “John Singer Sargent’s Method”

May 7, 2017, 1-3PM

BCAC Gallery

Ice House Mall, 200 Applebee St., Barrington, IL

Fee:  Members – $15         Non-Members- $20

Sargent’s Method
“When we think of Sargent, what might come to mind are fashionable portraits painted with flowing brushstrokes. He often painted a passage with a few touches.  “Too clever,” said some critics. It was only after the age of 30, did he accept his natural talent, as his signature.  He showed the birth marks of his later style in his earliest portraits.  When one of his paintings seemed too laborious he never hesitated to scrape it off and start a fresh.  He maintained that if one studied his approach, one would be free to go after the subtlest qualities of the model.  Sargent was a master portraitist, and his distinctive style cemented his place in history. But he was a master of values and drawing above all.  In this lecture, I’ll discuss his method and ideas that he adopted throughout the years. We will go over the differences between his early works and his later paintings. “
Juan Jr Ramirez is a Chicago born self-taught artist. His portraits are classically painted and treated with sensitivity. His work is exhibited by Vermont Artisans and Susan Powell Gallery. He is also the author of the Sargent Notes.
“As an artist, I treasure the moments that are fleeting and I work to make them last forever. It could be the swiftness of the light and color, or the gesture of a person, even the person that few would consider to paint. The most intimate moments are not always private; they are open to the world. As a teacher, I work endlessly to make whatever hard task easy to understand, to each student individually in a friendly way.”




Workshops & Classes:

Ann Feldman


Diana Hynes

Diana’s Portrait Painting Class and Open Studio are temporarily cancelled due to lack of participation during the winter months.

Please contact Diana at   hynesdiana@sbcglobal.net for more information


Wednesday, 12:30PM-1:30PM

This is an ongoing class, every Wednesday. 

You can come when it’s convenient for you.

$35 plus $10 model fee

BCAC Gallery, Ice House Mall   

   200 Applebee Street, Barrington  

                     DSC_0113       DSC_0525

Learn the basics of oil painting. Color, value, edges, paint quality and composition. Paint form with a deeper understanding of how light flows, shadows fall and the atmosphere of a painting. Discussions, demonstrations and individual attention will be given. Students of all levels are welcome.

Diane began painting when she was 11 years old. She attended the American Academy of Art and has been a member of The Palette & Chisel for over 25 years. She has attended numerous workshops with master painter David A Leffel. Diane brings her many years of experience as an artist, as well as a desire to share her talents and knowledge with others.
For more information please contact:
Diane Hynes  


$15 model fee
9:00 – 12:00
 BCAC Gallery
200 Applebee Street
Barrington, IL 60010
Call Diane Hynes if you have any questions 815-276-4262.

Other Art Activities:

Artist Salon

BCAC will be begin a bi-monthly series of Artist Salons. What is an Artist Salon, you ask?
(noun) – Salon, from the French word salon (a living room or parlor), means a conversational gathering. Usually this is a select group of intellectuals, artists and politicians who meet in the private residence of a socially influential (and often wealthy) person.
Numerous wealthy women have presided over salons in France and England since the 17th century. The American novelist and playwright Gertrude Stein (1874-1946) was known for her salon at 27 rue de Fleurus in Paris, where Picasso, Matisse and other creative people would meet to discuss art, literature, politics and, no doubt, themselves.

This Artist Salon is to promote quality conversation among artists around a variety of topics ranging from artist materials, art in the news, art trends and personal artist goals and achievements. A different topic will be chosen for each meeting every other month. If there is interest, we can also devote the last half hour of the salon for group critiques. Critiques are meant for constructive feedback and will be lead in a structured manner.

The first proposed BCAC Artist Salon will be held on Saturday, November 12 at 12:30pm at the Ice House Mall in the BCAC Gallery. Responses are appreciated to confirm attendance. Our first topic will be Pleinair equipment setups and how to travel with artist supplies on planes. Please bring your Pleinair set up and share it with the group so we have a variety of options and opinions to share. Bring one piece of art if you would like a group critique! This is entirely optional.

This Salon is meant to be participatory rather then passive! Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Sharron Boxenbaum

The Learner’s Corner:  Where artists can grow…



Carolyn Anderson is a nationally recognized artist. Her work hangs in the collections of many well-known artists as well as private collectors across the globe. Her interpretive style of painting has made her a highly sought after workshop instructor.

Here’s why I needed to see Carolyn: Stat!

Earlier in the summer, I was excited to join a new group of artists who paint portraits from models every week. Since we met so often, I thought that all this great practice would lead to a freer, more interpretive style in my paintings. Sadly, I was mistaken.  Read more…