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Faces and Places of Barrington

The opening reception for this exhibit was held on June 12, 2015

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Photos from the Opening Reception:

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Barrington Cultural Arts Center (BCAC) is proud to sponsor an

exciting project — ‘PLACES AND FACES OF BARRINGTON’.  We

have been creating portrait paintings of Barrington teachers,

police, fireman, merchants, school board, Village President and

others at the Ice House Mall on Thursdays from 9:30-12:00. Our

theme and vision has been BCAC’s way of honoring Barrington’s

150 years.  In conjunction with Barrington’s sesquicentennial

celebration, all are invited to the BCAC preview of these

paintings at the BCAC Gallery located at the Ice House Mall,

200 Applebee,  on June 12th.  The exhibit will run through July.

This has been a great way to show BCAC artists’ love of painting

portraits and local environments to showcase our work.

The Barrington Cultural Arts Center  vision is to help create a

community of local artists and to promote exhibition,

performance, and teaching opportunities for all members.

BCAC also strives to help create fun, cultural activities in our

town for everyone to enjoy. All art media are welcome –

sculpting, singing, painting, writing, photography, acting,

performing, jewelry design, stained glass, mosaics, cartooning,

dancing, etc.