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Below is a list of galleries available for members to showcase their work.

Click on location for any gallery specific instructions.

The contact information for the gallery managers can be found in the BCAC Membership Directory on the Members Only page of our website.  If you are a member and need the password to get onto this protected page then please contact Kimberly Butts at kimberly.butts@gmail.com.

BCAC’s Home Gallery – Ice House Mall Gallery at 200 Applebee Street, Barrington, IL

Gallery Managers: Tracy Albert, Dyan Boxleitner, and Robert Garlock

Fresh Flower Market, 122 W. Main St., Barrington, IL

        Gallery Managers: Jeani Allaway and Pat Lindgren

Barrington Bank and Trust, Station and Hough Streets, Barrington, IL

Gallery Managers: Cindy Marrazzo and John Ragland

Barrington Flower Market,  201 West Cook Street, Barrington, IL

Gallery Manager:  Ron Smith and Marilyn Weisberg

Advocate Good Shepherd Fitness Center, 1301 S. Barrington Road, Barrington, IL

Gallery Managers: Barbara Ross and Judy Skulborstad

Heart of Europe Cafe, 113 S. Cook St., Barrington, IL

Gallery Managers: Sue Warchall and Gloria Zucaro

Whisk Cafe, 216 S. Main St., Wauconda, IL

Gallery Manager: Kimberly Butts and Sandra Peek


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