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Gallery Specific Requirements

Spring Donut

We now have much more specific suggestions from the proprietors at Spring Donut.  All art work must be hung without frame. Subjects of most interest are birds, flowers and food.They prefer a more contemporary look or even somewhat abstract.

We currently have 12 hooks for hanging and have paintings ranging from 8 x 10, 9 x 12, 16 x 20 and can handle up to one large one 36 x 36.

If you have the subject matter framed in tradition frames you may remove the frames temporarily for this gallery and paint the sides of your canvas black or white or one of the colors in the painting.  This way you can exhibit here and then go back to framing your painting for the more traditional display.

Here is a tutorial for a good way to hang ¾” paintings on stretched canvas so that they remain straight on the wall.  When you return them to frames, just remove the wires, but not the screw eyes so that it will be simple to revert back to unframed hanging.  Or just leave all wire on.


If you have a 2” gallery wrapped canvas, just wire for hanging as you would with traditional frames, making the hanging as flat to the back as possible.