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Our vision is to help create a community of local artists and to promote exhibition and teaching opportunities for all of us and to share in the efforts needed to do so)  We also want to help create fun, cultural activities in our town for everyone to enjoy. All visual and functional art media are welcome – sculpting, painting, jewelry design, stained glass, mosaics, cartooning, etc.



There would be a wide array of structured / scheduled classes available for a fee.  Some of the artists who have already stepped forward to teach include artists and writers in the following areas: oil and watercolor painting,  computer-generated imaging, specialty cards, wire design, jewelry, and fiber arts.



We have partnered with the owner of the Ice House Mall in Downtown, Barrington (Next to Jewel Grocery Store) at 200 Applebee Street for our current BCAC artist gallery and the Tina Hahn Gallery at the Mall. Tina has been a great asset to us in our gallery. Her framing skills have been invaluable keeping our artwork at a professional level. Thank You Tina.

Barrington Bank and Trust at Hough and Station Streets, has graciously allowed us a permanent galley within the bank. John D. Haniotes, Senior Vice-President, is a contributing member at large and supporter.  Thank You John.

Starbucks at Hough and Station Streets, has allowed us to rotate one artist at a time on their BCAC gallery wall.  Thank You to Stephanie Bugner, Store Manager.

Fresh Flower Market at 122 W. Main Street Barrington, owner – Liz picks out one or two paintings with a flower theme on a rotating basis from the available artwork on the BCAC Website and the Ice House Mall gallery.  Thank You Liz.


Art exhibits have been organized at the Gallery in the Library, in the Gallery at Langendorf, at Citizen’s Park and other venues. Exhibits in the park like Art in the Park have musical artists, food artists, visual artists, dancers, poets, story-tellers. Any artist that made a sale would pay a percentage of the sale price to the BCAC to help support the cost of art supplies, venue set-up, etc.

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