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Anna Toberman

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You can see more of Anna’s art on her website: http://artistatoberman.com/.
Anna is based in the Chicago area and works in oils, charcoal, pastel, conte and mixed media. From a young age, she has been fascinated with portraiture and faithfully representing the individuality of each person.


For Anna, the ability to make art and to share it with others is a great privilege. It is the result of dedication and continuous learning about harmonies of form and color in the figure and in the natural world. She is especially intrigued by images of people that convey universality and timelessness.


Through an academic scholarship, Anna attended the University of Missouri-Columbia with a dual major in Fine Art and Journalism and earned bachelors degrees in both disciplines. Combining these two interests, she learned how to design and produce artwork for publication and also enjoyed illustrating articles in newspapers and magazines.


After graduation, Anna became well versed in the computer skills needed to design logos, marketing collateral, advertising, displays, presentation and publications for large corporations. In 1997 she launched Redrock Design Company (www.redrockdesign.net) serving mostly business-to-business customers.
To maintain her skills with traditional tools Anna enrolled in continuing education classes at the School of the Art Institute and private mixed media instruction, as well as life drawing and painting at Harper College, the Palette and Chisel Academy. Most recently, she has been fortunate to study with and by inspired by master artist Romel de la Torre.


Anna, her husband and daughter live in Arlington Heights, IL.

Portrait Society of America, Oil Painters of America, Artists on the Bluff, Barrington Cultural Arts Center, and Artists Association of Elk Grove Village.

Shows and Awards

Columbia Art League Scholarship

Village of Arlington Heights Arts Commission Display in Village Hall July 2015 – December 2016
BoldBrush Top 15% for “Undeterred” – November 2015
BoldBrush Top 15% for “Jeffrey” – January 2016
Artists Association of Elk Grove Village Winter Wall, Trees Show, and Spring Wall
Winner “Budding Artist” of February 2016 – Art Muse Contest for “Purple Tutu”
Finalist “Budding Artist” of February 2016 – Art Muse Contest for “Colorful Scarf”
Winner “Budding Artist” of April 2016 – Art Muse Contest for “Innocent”
BoldBrush Top 15% April 2016 – “Winter Memory” and “Innocent”